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Bristol Blue competition

Members from Apnea Revolution put in outstanding performances at the Bristol Blue freediving competition.

Constantin Timosca came 2nd overall among the men, with a static of six minutes 12 seconds and a dynamic of 158m.

Aristo Vounakis came 5th overall among the men, with a five minute 35 second static and a 151m dynamic.

Jean-fabrice Detard was 6th overall among the men, with a five minute 48 second static and a 129m dynamic.

Nancy Gibson was named as 3rd best newbie female, with a 103m dynamic which saw her ranked second among the women. Unfortunately her 5 minute 6 second static was disqualified because of an airway dip, but a great first competition performance.

It was the first competition organised by Bristol Freedivers and had a great turn-out, with 35 athletes taking part. Thanks to Bristol Freedivers for a well-organised and fun event.​​

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